A contemporary (modern) collection made of fabrics with the highest quality that meets
the requirements of professional work clothes. The collection is characterized by functionality,
versatile use and modern design. It is certified according to EN ISO 13688: 2013 norm.

An ultra-modern collection of workwear which follows every movement of the wearer and provides
comfortable work. The modern design and the latest textile manufacturing technologies make you feel
free and dynamic, and at the same time safe and secure. The usage of comfortable and modern work clothes
is important for the professional outlook and the safety of the work environment.

The new generation of the AVIATOR workwear is based on comfort, functionality
and personal protection. The unique design, perfect freedom of movement, attention to detail
and technologically advanced materials take this collection to a whole new level. The highest
expectations in design, aesthetics, quality, ergonomics and protection will make you want
to wear this collection both at work and in your free time.

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