The largest manufacturer of fire extinguishers in Southeast Europe with a tradition dating back
to 1930, which guarantees premium quality and maximum protection. The company’s manufacturing
department has maintained the continuity in the innovations and technical quality of its products
for over eighty years, and has proven why it is a leader in its profession.

Austrian manufacturer of hydrant and professional hoses, tested and certified according to the
DIN 14 811 standard with resistance to UV and ozone radiation.

In our search for a contemporary and modern work wear we have created the brand: ARMOR PLUS which
is inspired by the modern way of life and the changes in the conditions for safety at work.
ARMOR PLUS is a new modern collection created with years of experience and from contemporary fabrics
from the world’s best suppliers, with a design that brings excitement and representation to the workplace.

A brand with experience and premium personal protective products with a range of over 8000 products
and a tradition in our market for over 20 years. A manufacturer which covers all segments of the PPE
(personal protective equipment) with its own production.

Manufacturer of high-performance footwear according to European standards which guarantees top quality
and maximum safety at work. The dedication to research and tight collaboration with prestigious
technological institutes prove why FAL SEGURIDAD is a constant innovator in the manufacturing process
of first-class professional footwear in all sectors, including those sectors with the highest
risk – military industry footwear, firefighting, as well as police footwear.

This European manufacturer of protective shoes, by using the technology and maintaining the comfort,
creates products that provide complete protection for all working conditions and from all hazards present.
The main goal is maximum safety for end users.

A Belgian company with a wide range of protective clothing, especially for specific professions,
and with special requirements for different fabrics and for different uses. The range it offers
covers various levels of protection in special conditions.

This Italian manufacturer offers complete solutions when it comes to safety at work, encompassing
all aspects of personal protective equipment, with a particular emphasis on work wear. SIR SAFETY
exports its products to over 30 countries worldwide and provides protection during any kind of
activity and from all types of risks.

Delta Plus Systems is dedicated to provide a safe and convenient
fall protection and safety systems for working on height. The main activities are production, sales
and installation of safety solutions against fall: lifeline, fastening (anchoring), rail systems,
guardrails in accordance with national and international standards. The professional team working
on this very specific program offers a complete package of safety solutions, from initial project
to final implementation.

Hydraulic equipment and system solutions which are mainly used for rescue, special tactics
and industrial needs around the world. These types of work tasks require a reliable and
secure tool in all circumstances.

Dräger is an international leader in the production of safety technological solutions.
Manufacturer of various types of gas detectors and breathing (respiratory) apparatus
widely used in the oil, chemical, food industry, mining and firefighting. The name of
this company is a synonym for the well-known alcotesters for the needs of police forces
and private companies all around the world.

A company specialized in the production of high-quality protective helmets intended for rescue
and firefighting services.

An innovative company that manufactures special pumps with high capacity and modules for
distribution of water in large quantities in cases of natural disasters.

Prime professional diving equipment personalized in all aspects of diving – from recreational,
to scientific and rescue diving.

A company that produces premium gloves by combining traditional crafts and cutting-edge technology.
In its program it offers gloves for firefighters, rescue staff, army and police, as well as having
a hunting and fashion line.

Provides temporary and fixed pump installations and pump applications whether planned or
for emergencies in mining and quarries, utility & wastewater companies, construction
and rental, oil and gas, agriculture, industry and energetics.

Offers its customers a wide range of products that provide maximum security for those who
dedicate their lives to extinguishing and preventing forest fires. Our continuous innovation
is meant for the purpose of improving our tools for fighting forest fires and developing
better and more efficient technology.

Leading global supplier of innovative products and systems for flood protection and prevention
of floods – minimizing the devastating consequences of floods, and thus improving
environment and quality of life for millions of people.

ARMOR PLUS Skopje offers the following services and trainings:
• Training for the usage, maintenance and proper selection of the equipment for work at height,
as well as an annual control inspection of the equipment;
• Authorized service of special hydraulic tools for rescue during traffic accidents authorized
• Trainings for the usage, maintenance and servicing of breathing apparatus (devices) by the
manufacturer DRÄGER, inspection, calibration and service of gas detectors, alcohol testers and
drug testers from this manufacturer;
• Education for the proper selection, usage and maintenance of personal protective equipment;
• Seminars, presentations and educational trips;
Continuous efforts in terms of educating our own employees and clients in all areas, through seminars,
fairs, trainings, presentations and consultations for all customer needs.

An innovative footwear manufacturer working in close collaboration with INESCOP, GORETEX, VIBRAM
and BOA, guaranteeing maximum quality and safety for mountaineering, hunting and commercial footwear.


ARMOR PLUS is an authorized partner of a great number of leading manufacturers